Scottish Referendum

Referendum is an ongoing photographic series that explores the tangible and intangible Union border along the 108 mile geographical stretch between England and Scotland from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Gretna Green. Photography is used as a language of immediacy capturing time, representing history and place of the border. Referendum contributes to the political and economic debate on the Union that began in 1707 that, despite a 'No' vote to an independent Scotland declared in September 2014, continues. The debate on the future of the Union and it's role in Europe gathers pace once again following the Brexit vote of June 2016, the General Election of June 2017 and two years of Brexit negotiations. England and Scotland will continue to find, define and set their identity as neighbours in their roles within Europe and the world.

The series of the English Scottish border landscape is considered in three ways; the sweep of grand romantic vistas; the accumulation of political rhetoric within the historical and media documentation and the minutiae of border epherema rendered through the scientific gaze of the microscope connected to this space.

Landscape is ever present and ever constant; whatever the outcome of the Union; the landscape will always remain.